• start writing, she said

    August 16, 2019 by

    My new friend told me to write a piece by December 1. It is August; I am getting started.

  • goodness

    August 26, 2019 by

    My feet went on strike this week.”No more.” they said,and now we all grimace under ice packs stingingLast nightI awakened with a start, dreamingalready out of my sweaty bed onto my crumpled feet–my sleep world hounded by my doings or something left undone”who am i, who am i, who am i” (my heart pounds)This episode… Read more

  • Alone 3/31/18

    August 16, 2019 by

    In the jittery days just before telling my husband I was leaving him, my older sister advised, “Just ask yourself if you will be happier alone.” I could always count on her to distill life’s biggest quandaries to a simple yes or no question. Yes. I knew in my bones that I would be happier… Read more

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